Specifications - DLF The Camellias Gurgaon

  • Tentative saleable area: approx. 7350sq.ft./7400 sq.ft.
  • Apartments in G+22-storeyed Blocks with 2 passenger lifts per Core and provision of 4 bedrooms convertible from approved 2 bedroom layout
  • Apartments in G+38-storeyed Blocks with 3 passenger lifts per Core and provision of 4 bedrooms convertible from approved 2 bedroom layout
  • Master Bed Suite allows provision for separate dress area for his and hers
  • Width of external glazing in Living Room deck is approx. 28 ft
  • Large frontage allows for 2 Bedrooms and Living Room to face the front landscaping, Linear Park and The Golf Course
  • Living Room deck of area approx. 350 sq.ft and front bedrooms deck of area approx. 200 sq.ft.
TYPE: Penthouse
  • Tentative saleable area: approx.13000 sq.ft. to 16000 sq ft.
  • Internal lift is being provided.
  • Master Bed Suite allows provision for separate set of toilet/dress for his and hers.
  • Additionally, two other bedrooms have provision for separate dress for his and hers.
  • The accommodation for the service staff has been doubled for penthouses.
  • 4 Bedrooms alongwith Living/Dining Room face the front landscaping, Linear Park and The Golf Course
Club Amenities
  • Social zone: Sports bar, Snooker/ Pool/ billiards room, Multi-purpose hall
  • Health & wellness: Spa, sauna, salon, Gymnasium
  • The Racquets club: Tennis, Badminton, Table tennis, Squash
  • Outdoor sports area
  • Soft services: Concierge, Housekeeping, Valet, Chef on call, Golf cart shuttle,
    Day creche I nursery I nurse
  • Dining : Indoor and outdoor dining spaces, Banqueting, Party lawns
The Apartments Key Common Features
  1. Main core and main lift lobby:
    • Single apartment per core as compared to 2 apartments per core in The Magnolias.
    • Private lift lobby for every apartment. Shared lift lobby in The Magnolias
    • Flexibility for customer to do the interior scheme of the lift lobby to complement his apartment's interior scheme {subject to meeting the fire department's safety norms). This feature is an upgrade over The Magnolias.
  2. Each apartment is special w.r.t views, location and layout. Apartments on lower floors stay connected to the ground as they look into the central lake, club and the internal landscape whereas the apartments on upper floor enjoy the views not only of the internal landscape but views of linear park and golf course as well.
  3. Apartment Design:
    • The apartments are designed around a main core. As compared to The Magnolias, this allows for more efficient space planning and circulation
    • Grand entrance lobby leading to the public and private areas compared to a linear corridor at The Magnolias.
    • The design allows for distinctive internal public, private and utility spaces
    • Public areas like living, dining, powder toilet, kitchen and service staff area are planned to be on one side and Private Areas like bedrooms with dress and toilet facilities on the other
  4. Floor to Floor Height of 12 feet 3 inches {3. 75m). This is an increase over the floor to floor height of 1Oft 1 0 inches (3.30m) provided in The Magnolias.
  5. Clear possible height of approx. 11 feet is achievable within the apartments; beneath the false ceiling .This is an increase over the clear height of 9 ft to 9 ft 6 inches achieved at The Magnolias.
  6. Structural System:
    • Flat slab structural system is provided versus beam slab system at The Magnolias which ensures continuous clear heights throughout the apartment.
    • Flexibility of layout because of minimum Internal structural columns
    • Large column-free internal spaces within the apartments
  7. External Glazing:
    • 9 ft 6 inches clear height compared to 8ft 6 inches at The Magnolias
    • Width of glazing in living room decks varying from approx. 28ft wide in standard apartment to approx. 31 ft wide in large apartments. This is an upgrade over 15 ft for regular apartments and 27 ft 5 inches for duplex apartments at The Magnolias.
    • Energy Efficient glass in the double glazed Unit will be installed to economise the air-conditioning loads and provide better acoustics as in The Magnolias.
  8. Frontage:
    • Large frontage allows for 2 or 3 bedrooms and living room to face the front landscaping, Linear Park (Sanctuary) and The Golf Course
  9. Decks:
    • 2 distinctly large garden facing front decks have been provided for each apartment
    • One deck wi!h the living/dining and the other with front bedrooms including Master Bed Suite.
    • Maximum depth of the front decks from 8 ft to 12ft
    • Combined large deck is provided for rear bedrooms with depth up to 8 ft as compared to maximum 6ft deep individual balconies at The Magnolias.
    • Misting provision in decks
    • Straight edge decks provide for substantial space for placing outdoor furniture. Complete family sit-out area can be replicated on the deck, along with the dining facility. This is an upgrade over curved decks provided at The Magnolias.
  10. Additional utility space - Apart from a large utility balcony, an additional outdoor utility space is also provided for service staffs. This is over and above a large service staff's space which can accommodate 4-8 service personnel.
  11. 6 ft wide entry into the apartment from the service core for facilitating movement of large household items. This is ah upgrade over the 4ft wide entry at The Magnolias.
Buildings & Exterior Architecture Key Features
  1. Number of Apartments: 429
  2. Tower heights:
    • Total Number of Towers: 16
    • 2 End Blocks of G+ 18/21 storeys,
    • 6 towers of G+38 storeys
    • 8 towers of G+22 storeys.
    • Height of the topmost feature in the tallest tower (approx.156 m)
    • The tallest tower at The Magnolias is G+25 storeys
  3. Covered Drop offs: The drop-offs have been designed to set within the buildings to not only provide protection against the weather, but also bring in the landscape right into the large entrance halls which will give a unique arrival experience. This is an upgrade over the drop-off design at The Magnolias.
  4. Exclusive drop-offs: Each entrance lobby has an exclusive drop-off, away from the main driveway, thus conveying a sense of individuality as compared to the drop-off arrangement along the driveway in The Magnolias.
  5. Entrance Halls:
    • Interactive entrance halls bring the landscape of the central court closer
    • Series of entrance halls connect you to activity zone at the base of the building
  6. Activity Zone :
    • It will be provided at the base of the building
    • Seating, indoor-jogging and street shopping will be some of the experiences to be enjoyed by the residents
    • This is a more elaborate activity zone than at The Magnolias.
  7. Elevators:
    • Passenger Elevators:
      • 3 elevators per core for higher block serving single apartment on a floor versus 2 elevators !n The Magnolias serving 2 apartments on a floor
      • 2 elevators per core for lower block serving single apartment on a floor
      • Elevators open into a secured, private lift lobby
      • Grand elevators with door height of approx. 2.4m, clear cab height of approx. 3.0 m and car capacity 24 passengers compared to elevators with a capacity of 12-15 passengers at The Magnolias.
      • These elevators can accommodate standard stretcher
    • Service Elevators:
      • 2 large sized service elevators provided per service lobby compared to 1 service elevator per service lobby at The Magnolias.
      • These elevators are provided in 6 ft wide service lobby compared to 4 ft wide service lobby at The Magnolias.
      • Service lobby/ service elevators are shared by 2 apartments per floor
      • 1 of the elevators can accommodate standard stretcher
    • Shuttle Elevators:
      • This is a new feature to be provided at The Camellias.
      • Shuttle elevators are provided from basements to base of building I ground
      • The shuttle lifts provide for better access control and security. These are only till the ground floor, after which the individual would have to take a separate elevator to reach the apartment. No one can directly reach a home from the basement. Identification on the ground floor is necessary.
  8. Service Core - 6 ft wide service lobby shared between 2 apartments on a floor.
  9. Hoisting arrangement: This is a new feature at The Camellias which will facilitate lifting of large items from the ground level to the apartments.
  10. Basements:
    • 3 level basements have been provided for the convenience of allocation of the car parks together and ensuring shorter walk to access the car parks. This is an upgrade over the 2 level basements at The Magnolias.
    • Wide basement entry experience through 6m wide one way ramp
    • Wider driveways than provided at The Magnolias
    • Parking slot size has been scaled up to 3m X 6m as per internationally accepted practice, for accommodating larger sedans/bigger vehicles. This is an upgrade over the parking bay size of 2.5 m x 5m at The Magnolias.
    • Provision of bicycle parking
    • Provision of car washing in designated areas.